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Instalando el SDK de Javascript / NodeJS

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Para Node.js


Instalar con npm con el siguiente comando:

npm install @pagofacil/api_pago_facil --save
Local development

To use the library locally without publishing to a remote npm registry, first install the dependencies by changing into the directory containing package.json (and this README). Let's call this JAVASCRIPT_CLIENT_DIR. Then run:

npm install

Next, link it globally in npm with the following, also from JAVASCRIPT_CLIENT_DIR:

npm link

To use the link you just defined in your project, switch to the directory you want to use your api_pago_facil from, and run:

npm link /path/to/<JAVASCRIPT_CLIENT_DIR>

Finally, you need to build the module:

npm run build


If the library is hosted at a git repository, e.g.
then install it via:

    npm install PSTPAGOFACIL/sdk-apis-javascript --save

For browser

The library also works in the browser environment via npm and browserify. After following
the above steps with Node.js and installing browserify with npm install -g browserify,
perform the following (assuming main.js is your entry file):

browserify main.js > bundle.js

Then include bundle.js in the HTML pages.

Webpack Configuration

Using Webpack you may encounter the following error: "Module not found: Error:
Cannot resolve module", most certainly you should disable AMD loader. Add/merge
the following section to your webpack config:

module: {
  rules: [
      parser: {
        amd: false


  • Luis Marcelo Poblete Sandoval (Collaborator)